Sunday, May 24, 2009

RENEW International Spreads The WORD

RENEW International is dedicated to keeping the faith. The Catholic Faith that is.

RENEW International had humble beginnings, starting up in Newark back in 1976. With just 60 members at the time, their novel approach to Catholic faith in the information age has grown to include thousands of members all over the globe. 

With a focus on addressing the challenges of faith in our modern world, RENEW International makes it their business to spread the word among the population with the most questions: young adults.

If you've been wondering how to keep your own faith in a radically changing society, they have the answers. So visit RENEW International today and see what modern thinking can do for an ancient idea.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SRC Leads The Way

SRC Leads knows all about top prospects. If leads are your primary source for generating new business, Survey Resource Center can help.

SRC Leads has vast experience generating prospect lists in the areas of long-term care, annuities, financial planning, reverse mortgage, debt refinance and many other financial market niches.

Generating targeted marketing leads is a tried and true sales concept that, if executed correctly, can lead to great success and new revenue streams for new or established businesses. But digging up qualified leads is a time consuming and expensive task. So let the experts take over. 

Give Survey Resource Center a try and, like me, I'm sure you'll find that SRC Leads - by example.

K-Designers Knows Remodeling

K-Designers has humble beginnings. In 1978 they opened their doors as a remodeling business in Casper, Wyoming with 4 employees. Today the company employs more than 900 in locations all over the western United States. 

Now that's remodeling.

K-Designers was started by Larry and Lee Judson in 1978 after a severe hailstorm in Casper stretched local contractors to the limit, trying to keep up with the demand for remodeling services. Any good entrepreneur knows that filling a pressing need is the best business model for a new company. Following up with fair pricing, quality workmanship and excellent customer service are the values that ensure that business model thrives.

That's why K-Designers is going stronger than ever more than 30 years later. By staying true to their core values, people all over the West know that the Judson brothers are still responding to customer's remodeling needs with quality materials, affordable prices and excellent service.

No hailstorm required.

Happiness Is Pets

What is happiness? Happiness is pets

Well, puppies actually. For me, cats are okay. My mother loved their mysteriously aloof ways and we always had at least one cat in the house for as long as I can remember. But I've always been partial to the loyalty and devotion of dogs. And puppies are a joy to raise. That's why Happiness Is Pets is such a cool place to find your next best canine friend.

Puppies are very susceptible to many ailments in their first few months and require constant care and attention. At Happiness Is Pets their main focus is on the health and well-being of all the puppies they raise. 

Loving, devoted care and attention? Sounds like the makings of a loyal, lifelong friend. 

Try matching that with a kitten.