Tuesday, May 5, 2009

K-Designers Knows Remodeling

K-Designers has humble beginnings. In 1978 they opened their doors as a remodeling business in Casper, Wyoming with 4 employees. Today the company employs more than 900 in locations all over the western United States. 

Now that's remodeling.

K-Designers was started by Larry and Lee Judson in 1978 after a severe hailstorm in Casper stretched local contractors to the limit, trying to keep up with the demand for remodeling services. Any good entrepreneur knows that filling a pressing need is the best business model for a new company. Following up with fair pricing, quality workmanship and excellent customer service are the values that ensure that business model thrives.

That's why K-Designers is going stronger than ever more than 30 years later. By staying true to their core values, people all over the West know that the Judson brothers are still responding to customer's remodeling needs with quality materials, affordable prices and excellent service.

No hailstorm required.

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