Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Amos Tamam And The Wireless Taxi Meter

Amos Tamam came to the U.S. in the early 80s armed with an education as an Electrical Engineer. But because of stringent qualification standards (something many highly educated immigrants face) he took a job as a taxi mechanic instead. To some, that may have seemed like a setback, but Amos Tamam turned it into a lucrative opportunity.

Working hard through the years Amos Tamam rose to the level of CEO of Verifone Transportation Systems, Inc., and his technical background paid off in a way he never could have foreseen decades ago: being at the forefront of wireless electronic money transfer.

And now because of his expertise he's making it easier for everyone who ever jumps into a New York cab without a dollar in the wallet. As long as you have a debit or credit card you can leave your cash behind.

Now that's progress.

So if you're ever lucky enough to ride in the back of an Amos Tamam taxicab, put your mind at ease about your lack of cold hard cash. All it takes is a swipe.

Just don't forget the tip!

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