Thursday, January 14, 2010

Parco San Marco: A Little Slice Of Heaven

Just because it's the middle of winter here in PA doesn't mean I can't dream of summer does it? And if I can't wait for summer, then I can do the next best thing. Go somewhere where it's ALWAYS summer! That's why I'm dreaming of a Spa Hotel in Italy.

As I have been dreaming, my fingers naturally begin to troll the web for some perfect examples and I came across a site that beautifully described the glories of a Lake Lugano Vacation. Ahh... I can feel the rays of the Italian sun beating down on me already!

But I'm not just talking about lying around, soaking up the rays or diving into the pool. At the Parco San Marco Resort there are many activities that will make you forget all about snow. Did you know you can play golf in Italy? That's right! It's not just popular in the US any more. It's world wide. And hitting the links at Lake Como Golf is a pleasure that goes beyond enjoying the wonders of the old world in a new world setting.

It's enough to banish winter from your mind forever! Fore!

And Ciao!

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