Monday, March 22, 2010

Discover The Secrets of Piano Accompaniment

Have you ever wished you could play the piano like a Pro? Well, now you can! With this new course "Mastering The Art Of Piano Accompaniment" you can sound just like your favorite piano player in no time.

The course shows you step-by-step how to play piano chords that will make accompaniment much more interesting without "doubling" the vocalist. There is extensive material that shows the way to learn piano chords in such a way that you'll have singers and musicians knocking at your door, clamoring for more.

Playing piano chords that enhance a singer's performance will make you an accompanist in demand and also bring you hours of fun, relaxation and happiness! Few things in life are as rewarding as making music with others. Especially if you are adding a new dimension to the sound.

Click here to learn more and start a whole new career as a piano accompanist that singers and musicians will be eager to work with.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Give ROI Analytics RFQ Software A Try

Are you in the Industrial Marketing game? Do you rely on digging up RFQs to generate new business? If you're confounded on exactly the reach your website has, ROI Analytics has software that will tell you exactly how powerful a presence your site has across the web.

Why is this important? If you don't have a clue where your strengths (and more importantly, your weaknesses) lie, you don't have a prayer for reaching your target audience. ROI Analytics has a tool that will solve that problem for you.

By tracking your visitors with reverse IP lookup and advanced management tools, you'll be able to snag customers who haven't totally made up their minds yet with these powerful management aids from ROI Analytics.

What are you waiting for? Make more conversions and build, build, build with ROI Analytics!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Save Money With Dual Flush Toilets

Green tech has been big for years now. But with the Economy "tanking" saving money with a dual flush toilet makes more sense than ever.

What's a dual flush toilet? It's a commode that saves money on water bills by allowing the option of "rinsing" the bowl rather than flushing it. Also known as "Low-Flow" toilets or HET toilets, they resemble standard toilets on the outside, but are distinguished by an extra handle that merely rinses the interior.

But you don't need to install an entirely new toilet to save money. Purchasing a Dual Flush Conversion Kit gives you the ability to convert a standard toilet to a low flow toilet quickly and easily. This way you get the benefits without the expense.

It's such a good idea, you could say that buying a Dual Flush Conversion Kit is number 1 for number 2!