Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Rud Grip Tire Chains Make it Easy To Go 4x4 (Video)

Tired of messing with those crazy tire chains that take forever to attach? Especially when you do it at the last minute... in the middle of a blizzard...

Well now you can pop those chains on in about two minutes with, literally, a snap!

Visit to pick up a set of Rud tire chains called 'The Grip' and, no matter the weather, you'll be able to snap those tire chains into place without even getting your head wet! All for under $100!

Don't believe me?

Check out this YouTube video that shows how easy it is to pop on a set of Grip tire chains by Rud Chain. Don't worry... it's only 2 minutes long!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 - A Legitimate Freelance Writing Resource - A Legitimate Freelance Writing Resource

As a Social Writer on Gather one has a rewarding experience which includes monetary compensation. That's very nice, of course, but it doesn't encompass the entire world of freelance writing on the web.
While Gather is a very open environment, writers may feel a bit constrained if they'd like to have ALL kinds of writing not only read but also appreciated - and even paid for. Who wouldn't? That's why it's a good idea to explore other venues of expression that lead to bylines, readership - and money too! is such a site. On there you will find authors selling their content and customers looking for your unique voice and vision on virtually any topic on the web.

And the compensation varies. Ranging anywhere from $10 for a 200 word article to as much as a $100 for longer pieces. Even more, if the article is in demand or unusually detailed. AND also offers long term writing gigs from clients with niche market sites needing ongoing content. You may even land a telecommuting writing job! Stranger things have happened...

So give a try if you've got the writing itch that can't always be scratched in that one sweet spot.

You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We Buy Houses Does Just That... Buy Houses!

We Buy Houses is the premiere web destination for sellers having a more difficult time selling than they thought.

We Buy Houses makes an offer on ANY property, in ANY condition and ANYWHERE. That's because We Buy Houses is in the business of... buying houses! What else?

So forget about staging, forget about curbside appeal... in fact, forget about everything but cold hard cash!

We Buy Houses doesn't care about anything other than the fact that you own a home you are looking to sell!

CLICK HERE for a free estimate and response. No obligations, no hassles, just a reasonable offer!