Monday, January 3, 2011

Can You Sell Your Pension? Click Here To Find Out How

Although is based in the UK, people all over the world should sit up and take notice of this startling new concept that promises to revolutionize pension funding and pension financing as an alternative in worldwide economic downturns.

Just for argument's sake, let's say you are looking to sell a UK pension. What does that mean exactly?

Much like selling an annuity or lump sum payment to a financial institution in order to get access to cash now, the idea is that selling your UK pension allows an individual to cash in on what usually takes years to accrue and collect.

So what's the catch? Currently it's not legal to "sell" your UK pension. BUT, has some other options to advise. All it takes is to fill in a simple form and allow a consultant the chance to talk with you about legal options that may be available.

What do you have to lose? If you are in the UK and looking to turn your slow-paying pension into a quick cash revenue, try It's an idea whose time has come. And soon, the tide may turn. Don't be left behind!

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