Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whoo is WhooList?

Whoo is WhooList? It won't be long until the world finds out. WhooList is a new kind of free classifieds market place which aims at filling the holes which Craigslist and eBay are leaving behind. And WhooList is starting up in Craigslist territory: the Bay Area in California.

According to the founders, Jorge Castillo and Shanelle Marchais, it's time for a different kind of classifieds provider to step in to the niches the more well established publishers are leaving behind. Specifically, totally FREE ads and a focus on the local Hispanic community.

How? By offering free basic ads to local businesses with links to the most popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Launching in April, 2011, WhooList will provide a much needed free service to advertisers who can't afford a big budget advertising campaign. With a custom web page which details all the basic information necessary for prospective customers to stay in touch. That will include addresses, phone numbers, business hours and contact info. 

WhooList knows that many small business owners don't have the time or budget to maintain an active web page on a monthly basis. By providing that basic service at no cost, WhooList aims to build a loyal following which will take advantage of a second tier advertising package at a low monthly fee.

And the idea goes WAY beyond the local area. WhooList has big plans. The business model will expand to include a total of 19 countries and counting. And the founders intend to capture the lucrative but often overlooked Hispanic community with authentic bi-lingual marketing which will be aimed at Spanish speaking users who are more comfortable doing business in their native tongue. Much better than the kind of ads which claim to be accurate but sound to the native Spanish speaker like they were passed through a web based translation machine.

When you consider that one out of every three people in the US speak Spanish fluently, it's clearly an idea whose time has come.

Sound interesting?

Learn more HERE at the official WhooList Blog.

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