Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jack Nicholson Is Prolific

This article was written by Landon Gilbert

When it becomes difficult to think of a movie to watch, it is easy to just pick something with Jack Nicholson in it. He has exercised a good sense of quality control over the course of his career, and there are hardly an terribly movies he has taken part in. 

His best roles have him playing unbalanced, psychologically addled men. He has played such characters in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" and as The Joker in Tim Burton's version of "Batman." In "The Shining," he played a character so consumed with darkness, that the movie still has the ability to frighten viewers decades after it was originally released. 

Playing crazy or evil characters is not an easy task, especially if the actor is trying to bring something real to the role. Nicholson is creepy at times because he's such a natural at. It seems effortless on the screen, and that is a mark of true acting talent. Plus, it does not seem that old age is slowing Nicholson down at all. 

Presently, he's at an age where most actors retire in comfort, and still, he has managed to pull off strong roles in films like "The Departed." With so many films over the course of a career, it is hard to flip the satellite TV and not find one of his movies. 

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