Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another Lifesaver UFO Spotted over NH

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  1. Tom...thanks for posting this image. I live in Hunt, Texas. Within the last six months, I watched an object that looked just like this...slowly travel south to north. The ethereal-blue ring was huge. Could see the stars thru it...but thru a slightly warped/light bending energy. The black sky and stars could be perfectly seen thru the clear center. I had never heard of or seen such an object on any sites I searched till now. Crrow777.com has videos of "donut" ufos shooting across the moon (3 of 4 in formation)...but they are far too fast and in grey scale so less clear for me to associate with what I saw. Send this image (and video)to him if you're game...to see what info he might get from it. Again...many thanks...for the validation. Sincerely, Terry